Live Streaming Video
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Premiere Video Services

Serving Southern California for 15 Years

We are proud to offer LIVE Video Webcasting
Share Your Wedding (or any event) for ONLY $695!
Don’t let the family and friends that couldn’t attend miss out on your special day!
We can webcast FROM anywhere in the world TO anywhere in the world.
Options you can add to your Broadcast Package:

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Camera, Operator and Broadcast Equipment
Up to 50 viewers
Up to 2 hours of broadcast time
On Demand access to video for 30 days after event
Chat service for viewers during broadcast
Standardized email invitation created with links for your viewers
Guest book for your viewers to sign
Complete monitoring and live chat tech support while broadcasting
 Block of 50 additional viewers                                    $139
 Additional 2 hours of broadcast time                           $495
 iPod/iPhone video Download or DVD of event                $50
 Multiple Cameras and Larger Audiences                        Call
Included in your $695 Broadcast Package: